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This is the Web site for the mailing list, Babble. Geared to advanced Web Design issues, and includes a lively exchange of information, resources, theories and practices of designers and developers. Our overall goal is to hone our skills and share our visions of where this new medium is going.

Although many try to define it, Web design has no universally fixed definition, therefore the subjects we cover here can range from usability, new techniques, copy writing, project/client management, back-end, programming, and, of course, design. I guess you could say the definition is as diverse as we are.

Keeping Quality

The discussions on Babble, contrary to our name, are about quality over quantity. Most of us are busy working in the field of Web design, so we don't have much time to pontificate obscure ideas, or read treatises on the latest new browser. Please take into account our guidelines before adding your thoughts to the discussion. Being well-versed in our guidelines ensures that we continue the conversation and exploration of our field rather than another email we delete from our inbox.

By following these guidelines you will be ensuring that your messages will create dialog and will be enjoyed by the Babble community as a whole.

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